Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Chandler Seventh-Day Adventist Church A christian community in the beauty of racial and ethnic diversity.


Audio Sermons 2012

12/08     The Day the Earth Stood Still     Pastor Emmanuel Aning

11/10     Competing Only Against Oneself     Geoffrey Webster

09/15     Friends Till the End and Born Again for the Eschaton Keeping Together Through Adversity     Pastor Shane Davis

08/25     Are You Ready?     Danny Anau

08/18     Sins Sown to our Sons and Folly that Follows the Family Tree     Pastor Shane Davis

08/11     The Interview     Randy Iseman

06/30     Making a Point Vs Making a Difference     Pastor Glenn Sta Ana
06/23     David Part 2     Eddie Woods

05/12     The Law of God     Pastor Shane Davis

04/21     The Character of God and Why We Should Care     Randy Iseman  

04/14     Drinking the Wine of Promise     Pastor Ruben Escalante

04/07     Sleeping With The Enemy or Seeking for that Enmity - Hell in Plain Sight     Pastor Shane Davis