Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Chandler Seventh-Day Adventist Church A christian community in the beauty of racial and ethnic diversity.


Audio Sermons 2013

12/19     Bourne Ultimatum     Pastor Emmanuel Aning

10/19     Fear Less or Fear Not     Pastor Shane Davis

10/05     The Plan of Salvation     Danny Anau

09/14     Approved of - Living By Faith in God's Favor     Pastor Shane Davis

09/07     Big Brother is Watching     Pastor Shane Davis

07/27     Latter Rain Reconciled - The Process to Being Baptized With Fire     Pastor Shane Davis

07/20     Credibility     Pastor John Schachinger
07/13     Okay, Jesus Died On The Cross.  So What!     Derrick Holcombe

07/06     From Rubble to Restoration     Pastor Shane Davis

06/22     Dead or Alive     Pastor Emmanuel Aning

05/25     The Blueprint God's Way     Pastor Emmanuel Aning  

05/18     Called to Be A Sheperd     Danny Anau

05/11     Paul Presents Lois and Eunice - The Power of a Mothers Faith Passed Down     Pastor Shane Davis

04/27     Hear-Listen, See-Look: What's the Difference?     Jose Marcano

04/20     Chosen     David Cox

04/13     How Do I Live Next Door to the Person I Least Want to Live Next Door to?     Pastor Shane Davis      

04/06     Why Do I Need Other People In My Life?     Pastor Shane Davis     

03/30     Our Higher Calling     Richard Tomu

02/09     The Cost of Freedom     Myrtis Richard

01/12     Keepers of the Aquarium or Fishers Of Men     Pastor Ben George