Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Chandler Seventh-Day Adventist Church A christian community in the beauty of racial and ethnic diversity.


Audio Sermons 2017

10/21     Muslim Outreach     Pastor Gerald Babanezhad                   
              His Other Sheep - Part 1
              His Other Sheep - Part 2
              Powerpoint Presentation 1
              Powerpoint Presentation 2

10/14     Legacy Living Eternal with Works that Last Final     Pastor Shane Davis

10/07     My Name Is Jesus, I Am Coming Soon     Sherman Richardson

09/30     Bitter Sweet     Richard Tomu

09/09     Achilles Zeal: Walking in the Weakness of Jesus     Pastor Shane Davis

09/02     In the Days of Noah     Ingram London

08/26     What If     Pastor John Schachinger
08/19     Responsibility: Our Response to God's Ability     Pastor Shane Davis

08/12     Before Winter Seizing God's Season of Opportunity     Pastor Shane Davis

08/05     You Should Feel Something - Heavenly Heartburn When Hearing About Jesus     Pastor Shane Davis

07/29     In the Crowd by Yourself     Danny Anau

07/22     Wearing the Mark of Our Master     Pastor Shane Davis

07/15     Homecoming     Pastor Emmanual Aning

07/08     Heart Condition     Pastor Shane Davis

07/01     For Freedom: The Fight Jesus Fought to Break Every Chain     Pastor Shane Davis
06/24     Hand in Hand: Prayer and Study     Donald Hardesty
06/17     The Goal of a Vulnerable Foundation     Robert Cuff
06/10     God's Love in His Wrath: How He Deals With The Sin Problem     Derrick Holcombe
05/27     God's True Sanctuary     Derrick Holcombe
05/20     Stumbling Stones and Stronghold Moving Past the Trip Trap of Works That Go Nowhere     Pastor Shane Davis
05/13     Mothers Day - Taking Better Care of Moms Who Care for Us Like God     Pastor Shane Davis

05/06     Prayer and the Person     Pastor Jonathan Henderson

04/29     Poverty or Prosperity, It's Your Choice     Pastor Fa’oliu Langi

04/22     Another Crazy Idea     Pastor John Schachinger

04/15     Easter Everyday Experiencing the Right Now Resurrection     Pastor Shane Davis

04/08     Life in the Spirit - Staying Out of the Storm Before the Calm     Pastor Shane Davis
04/01     Why? ...Because Of More!     Jose Marcano
03/24     God with us     Robert Cuff
03/18     You Are What You Eat.  Taking Heed Of Heaven's Health Message     Pastor Shane Davis
03/11     God's Last Message to the World     Derrick Holcombe
02/18     A Strong Hand: Reasons to Remember Black History on Sabbath     Pastor Shane Davis
02/04     The Jesus Entry - Finding the Key to Our Kingdom     Pastor Shane Davis
01/28     The Stern Rebuke     Josiah Hall
01/21     Jesus In My Life     Henrietta Iseman

01/14     Prophecy and Provocation: Love is the Last Thing to Go     Pastor Shane Davis
01/07     The Power of the Cross     Pastor Grant Agadjanian