Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Chandler Seventh-Day Adventist Church A christian community in the beauty of racial and ethnic diversity.


Audio Sermons 2014

12/27     God Calls     Jared Branham

12/13     Making A Lasting Choice For Christ     Pastor Mike Sady
11/29     Where Art Thou     Pastor Paul Vunileva

11/15     Testimonies     Ted Bramwell

11/08     The Good News About The Judgement     Daniel Kimwomi

10/25     Who Do You Think I Am?     Jose Marcano
10/18     The Power of Parallel     Jeff Louis
09/13     Old Habits, New Promises     Pastor Shane Davis
08/30     Be Ready, Not Get Ready     Danny Anau
08/23     The Two Wives     Daniel Kimwomi
08/16     Wall Builders and Street Makers     Richard Tomu
08/09     Discovering A God Who Goes To Jail     Pastor Shane Davis
08/02     Being Reunited     Derrick Holcombe
07/12     Families Are Hurting     Pastor Glenn Sta Ana
05/31     Seek The True Healing     Danny Anau
05/17     Most Important Things To Know, Jesus & Him Crusified     Jeff Blumenberg