Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Chandler Seventh-Day Adventist Church A christian community in the beauty of racial and ethnic diversity.


Audio Sermons 2015

12/26     The End of The World, When?     Danny Anau
12/19     Christmas Musical     (Not Available)
12/12     God Centered Lives     Pastor Charles White

12/05     Brothers     Joseph Marcano
11/28     The Recipe     Pastor Shane Davis
11/21     I Need A Robe     Pastor Shane Davis
11/14     Shaken Not Shattered     Robert Cuff
11/07     BEWITCHED - The Opposite of Jesus Plus Nothing is Everything     Pastor Shane Davis
10/31     The Best Kind Of Exercise     Jeff Louis
10/24     Broughtupsy     Jeff Louis
10/17     At His Feet     Jeff Louis
10/10     The Turning Foot Heights     Jeff Louis
10/03     Pilgrims Process     Jeff Louis
09/26     The Everlasting Crux     Jeff Louis
09/19     Accepted - His Invitation Is Our Foundation     Pastor Shane Davis
09/12     Enduring The Messiahs Marathon Truth About Tough Times In The End     Pastor Shane Davis
09/05     What Time Is It     Veronica Woodards
08/29     Time No More     Danny Anau
08/22     Limits Only Begin Where Our Vision Ends     Pastor Shane Davis
08/15     Pre-Advent Judgement Cleansing     Pastor Shane Davis
08/08     Save The Child     Richard Tomu
08/01     In His Hands - Understanding God's Timing in the Time of the End     Pastor Shane Davis
07/25     War     Jeff Louis
07/18     What Really Happened at the Cross, Jesus' Sacrifice in the Light of the Great Controversy     Derrick Holcombe
07/11     A Prelude to Divine Action     Pastor Emmanual Aning
07/04     Paul's Land of Liberty     Pastor Shane Davis
06/20     Back Up Dads and Real Dads     Eddie Woods
05/23     Count The Cost     Pastor Mike Sady
05/16     The Overcomers    Pastor Mike Sady
05/02     The Sabbath     Pastor Mike Sady
04/25     The Last Temptation Of Christ     Pastor Mike Sady
04/18     Who Are You?     Pastor Mike Sady
04/11     The Blind Guide Paradigm - Love     Pastor Shane Davis
04/04     The Blind Guide Paradigm - Reciprocity     Pastor Shane Davis
03/28     The Blind Guide Paradigm - Magnanimity     Pastor Shane Davis
03/21     The Blind Guide Paradigm - Spiritual Vision     Pastor Shane Davis
03/14     The Blind Guide Paradigm - Clarity     Pastor Shane Davis
03/07     The Blind Guide Paradigm - Prioritize     Pastor Shane Davis
02/28     The Blind Guide Paradigm - Humility     Pastor Shane Davis
02/14     Be My Valentine     Pastor Charles Buursma

02/07     Wrestling For A Blessing     Pastor Shane Davis

01/10     Are Walls Needed?     Pastor Alan Reinach