Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Chandler Seventh-Day Adventist Church A christian community in the beauty of racial and ethnic diversity.


Audio Sermons 2018

09/29     Identity Crisis     Richard Tomu
07/21     The Sanctuary Service
06/30     GPS     Richard Tomu
06/09     Everlasting Love     Randy Iseman
06/02     Much Prayer, Much Power     Ingram London
05/26     Ye Are A Witness     Ingram London

05/12     Mothers Of Israel     Ingram London

04/28     Playing with Kingdom Money     Sherman Coleman

04/13     Covered With His Life     Ingram London

04/06     God Blessed Day     Kenny Shelton
03/24     Little Things Mean A Lot     Pastor Charles Burshma

03/10     The Gloriuos Day     Kenny Shelton

03/10     Judgement Day     Kenny Shelton

03/07     Making Ends Meet     Kenny Shelton

03/06     Can You Hear Me Now     Kenny Shelton

03/04     Abundant Life     Kenny Shelton

03/03     Hope Beyond the Grave    Kenny Shelton

03/03     The Family Tree     Kenny Shelton

02/28     God's Perfect Law     Kenny Shelton

02/27     Agent of Change     Kenny Shelton

02/27     Get Connected     Kenny Shelton

02/25     The Book That Breathes     Kenny Shelton

02/24     Jesus the Way Out     Kenny Shelton