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Chandler Seventh-Day Adventist Church A christian community in the beauty of racial and ethnic diversity.


Audio Sermons 2019

12/28     Dahon Laya     Henrietta Iseman

11/30     Bitter Sweet     Richard Tomu

11/16     Three Miricales of Saving Grace     Daniel Kimwomi

11/02     Secrets of Ancient Scrolls     Pastor Ed Anderson

10/19     USA in Prophecy     Pastor Anderson

10/05     Interesting Facts About Communion     Pastor Anderson
09/28     It Was the Best of Times and the Worst of Times     Pastor John Bradshaw

09/14     God's Love and the Chief of Sinners     Pastor Ed Keyes

09/13     Hope for the Future 7 "The Second Coming of Jesus"     Pastor Ed Keyes

09/12     Hope for the Future 6 "A Day to Meet With God"     Pastor Ed Keyes

09/11     Hope for the Future 5 "How To Wash Away Your Past Mistakes Forever"     Pastor Ed Keyes

09/10     Hope for the Future 4 "How To Find Peace In The Middle Of The Storm"     Pastor Ed Keyes

09/09     Hope for the Future 3 "Who Is Jesus?"     Pastor Ed Keyes

09/08     Hope for the Future 2 "If God Is So Good, Then Why Is The World So Bad?"     Pastor Ed Keyes

09/07     Hope for the Future 1 "Can You Trust the Bible?"     Pastor Ed Keyes

09/07     Are We Are Brothers Keeper     Pastor Ed Anderson

08/31     Unity in Christ     Richard Peleketi

08/24     Faith, Duty, and Commitment     Dr. Troy Anderson

08/17     Music in Worship     Pastor Ed Anderson

08/10     Youth in the Last Days     Pastor Ed Anderson

08/03     How to Resist the Roaring Lion     Pastor Ed Anderson

07/27     The Truth About Prayer     Pastor Ed Anderson

07/20     In The Wild - Encounters with Jesus     Pastor Ed Anderson

07/13     Go Forth in Jesus' Name     Karen Matambo

07/06     Liberty     Samuel Ikone

06/29     All About the End Game     Danny Anau

06/22     Jesus and Communion     Pastor Ed Anderson

06/08     Containers and Content: New Wine But Old Wineskins     Derrick Holcombe

06/01     The High Price of the Cross     Danny Anau

05/25     Phone Home     Karen Matambo

05/18     The Civil War Within     Dr Troy Anderson

05/11     All Nations Under God     Pastor Ed Anderson

05/04     Can a Man Choose to be Lost     Danny Anau

04/27     How to Have a Second Chance     Pastor Ed Anderson

04/24     Who Are Seventh Day Adventist?     Pastor Ed Anderson

04/17     Is Ellen White a Cult Leader     Pastor Ed Anderson

04/15     Obediance of Love     John St Rose

04/10     Is the SDA Church a Cult     Pastor Ed Anderson

04/06     Secrets of the Second Coming     Pastor Ed Anderson

03/23     A Sign for This Generation     Pastor Ed Anderson

03/16     Freedom in Jesus     Pastor Ed Anderson

03/09     Are You Ready for Jesus to Come     Pastor Ed Anderson

03/08     Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People     Westney White

03/07     The Mark of the Beast     Westney White

03/06     Avoiding the Confusion Come Out of Babylon     Westney White

03/05     Death's Silent Truth     Westney White

03/03     Babylon is Fallen, Anti-Christ Revealed     Westney White

03/02     The Rise of the Anti-Christ     Westney White

03/02     Don't Judge Me!     Westney White

03/01     Worship and Rest     Westney White

02/28     Am I Making the Dragon Angry?     Westney White

02/27     How to be Ten Times Better     Westney White

02/26     Fear God     Westney White

02/23     How Much Is Your Health Worth?     Westney White

02/19     Who Fed the Five Thousand     Westney White

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